Paperplug Tool

Paperplug tool

This is used to make your own paper plugs. Paperplugs are lighter, softer, biodegradable and a better alternative to the widespread LDPE-, hotglue- or platerplugs which are not biodegradable and turn into a projectile after the explosion.
We offer a wide variety of different sizes and diameters to fit your needs. 
If our catalogue dosn´t fit your needs, feel free to contact us. 

All the plugtools are manufactured with 100% infill as well as 1.2mm wall thickness.
You may choose between the diameter, material and colour of your personal tool.

Keep in mind the plugs can expand a bit depending on the glue and paper used.


For now, we have two different materials to choose from:

PLA+ (plastic) 
ABS (plastic)


Price calculator and request

How to use

Down below is a video of the manufacturing process by FPS PyroHD