About us

Hello everyone! I am the creator of Pyro-Tools.eu.
I have been gaining experience in the pyrotechnic field since 2014.
I decided to open a shop for other amateur pyrotechnicians out there when years ago I noticed the lack of websites that sell affordable tools or machines in Europe.
There were practically none and still are a very few which sell really expensive tools.
I wanted to change that and began testing some homemade tools I made for myself and some friends I knew. That was back in 2019 and after many test the tools started working, were cheap and very customizable I decided to launch this web shop in Germany.
If that got you interested let me know! Check out some of my products I have already made or hit me up and I ll work on your custom orders!

"So do you do this all by yourself?"

Most of the work is done by me. I design, produce and ship the product meanwhile I still try to be there for as many armature pyros as I can and help them out if they have any questions.
That can be quiet a task because doing this is not my full-time job. For that reason, I got myself some help from a few friends that also are experienced pyros as well to help me with product testing and marketing.
Without them this web shop wouldn’t have been possible to launch. Huge thanks to them for helping me out!

Pyro-Tools.eu is located in Germany and ships EU wide. All our tools are made here in Germany with love and great precision. The tools and machines we produce are fully customizable to fit your need, no matter how hard the task.
Most important to us is to make pyrotechnics available for everyone. But not just only that, safety is also a top priority. That is why we carefully choose the materials our tools are made from.
There is no product you would like to purchase in our shop yet? Don’t be scared to ask about your tool or machine you want us to custom build for you. Give me your idea and I’ll start designing it for free without any extra costs!
So what are you waiting for?
You deserve a good tool! 

Curious ?