How do I order?

The order always starts with a request. You can send a request via the menu below each product or just send us a mail: info@pyro-tools.eu 
After that we will let you know how long your order will take us to build and how much the total price including shipping is.
Finally you send us the payment via Paypal and we will get to work immediately.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time can vary between the different products and how many orders we got.
A starplate for example takes around two days to build. Afterwards we ship it the same day and Email you your tracking number.
A pasting machine can take between two and four weeks to build because a lot of parts need to be ordered, produced and build together. 

How do I pay?

For now, we only allow payments via PayPal.
Bank transfer will be coming soon!

When do I give you my address?

After you send us an order request we send you an offer marked with an order number via Email. Only when you agree to our offer, we need to know your address. When you PayPal us your payment please write your order number in the notes of the payment! This is very important because otherwise we don´t know which order the payment belongs to.