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Our handmade rocket tools are meticulously crafted to suit any tubing, requiring only two crucial details of your tubing: the inner diameter and length.

Here’s how it works: you provide us with the specifics of your tubing, and our skilled artisans take it from there. With a commitment to perfection, we tailor each tool to fit seamlessly, ensuring precision and reliability in every launch.

At Pyro Tools, we believe in the art of customization. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner, our handmade rocket tools open up a world of possibilities. Elevate your projects with tools that mirror your exact specifications – because when it comes to reaching for the stars, your journey deserves nothing less than perfection.
Begin your personalized rocketry adventure with us.


For now we have two different materials to choose from:

PLA & aluminum  which is a hard plastic that can withstand a lot of force without bending or breaking. 

– Aluminum & Brass everything is made from metal.
The brass spindle is screwed onto the base using a M6 screw that is included into the set.
Only one base is needed and fit every dorn.

Simply provide us with the inner diameter and length of your tubing, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Our expert craftsmen will handmake a precision-engineered rocket tool that fits your tubing perfectly.
Experience the thrill of launching rockets designed to your exact preferences – because at Pyro Tools, precision meets passion.
Let your adventure take flight with us.

We currently have two different colors you can choose from.


Aluminium This is the most durable option we can offer for now! Its very shock and pressure resistant.
The rocket tooling comes with 3 ramrods.

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