Crossette Tool

Crossette Tool

This tool allows you to make your own crossette stars. The tool also has a marking that lets you control how much of a delay your stars get before breaking. The marking is always at the height of the diameter of the tool. For example:
Diameter = 25mm
height of the marking = 25mm

All the Crossette-Tools are manufactured with 100% infill as well as 1.2mm wall thickness.
You may choose between the diameter, material and colour of your personal tool.

In our personal opinion this effect only looks good with bigger stars because they have a longer burning time.
Therefore we only offer these diameters:


(We also do smaller or bigger tools if needed. Check the options below in our request form.)

For now, we have two different materials to choose from:

PLA+ (plastic) 
ABS (plastic)


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