Expert Starplate

Expert Starplates

Expert Starplates

This starplate has a unique design which allows to use a spacer / fill plate and an extractor plate to be attached to the starplate itself. All the different plates have the same length and width which allows the extractor plate to fit on every plate no matter the pin diameter. Speaking about the pins we always try to fit as many as possible on the plate therefore in some cases doubling the efficiency in comparison to our other starplate design. 

The spacer plate is used for pushing the stars just outside of the plate so you can cut off any excess to have a perfect symmetrical hight to diameter ratio. Therefore all the stars you will pump with this plate will burn for the same duration in perfect synchronisation. Currently we have two size options: Big (170mm x 170mm) and Small (150mm x 150mm). Don’t let these numbers fool you, it makes a huge difference how many pins fit the plate. For example, with a pin diameter of 10mm you can press 81 stars at once on the big plate. The Small plate only fits 49 stars in one go. We also have many more options you can choose from down below!


Currently we only offer PLA+ and the extra option of reinforced pins by metal screws inserted down the pins.
Aluminium might be added in the future!

-Big 170mm x 170mm
-Small 150mm x 150mm

We offer a wide range of different pin diameters.
If our current list doesn’t fit you needs feel free to contact us and we will make you a custom one for your demands.

-10mm up to 81 pins
-12mm up to 49 pins
-14mm up to 49 pins
-16mm up to 49 pins
-18mm up to 25 pins
-20mm up to 25 pins
-22mm up to 25 pins
-24mm up to 16 pins

-100%. We want to make this product as durable as we can. Therefore we only offer 100% infill at the moment. However if you want to have less infill you can make a custom request in the form down below.


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