Powder Scoop

Powder Scoop

Powder Scoop

This cup can be cut to size to fit the perfect amount of powders every time. If you want to save on time by not weighing each batch of powder individually but instead getting a scoop of powder you know only fits the perfect amount needed, this inexpensive addition to your workspace is just for you.
Currently we have three different sizes you can choose from: 
Small (2,65cm³), Medium (12,27cm³) and Big (50,27cm³)

What size do I need?

Find out how much one cm³ of your powder weights. For example: a powder that weights 8g a cm³. In our example we want to have 50g of that powder every time. So, you need to calculate 50/8 = 6,25cm³. In that case the medium scoop would be the right choice.

How to prepare the scoop correctly.

First weigh the amount of powder you use on a regular bases. Then fill the powder into the cup. Give it some light tapping to compress it as much as if you were to scoop it out of the container you are getting it from. Make sure you have a flat surface on top. Then take a sharp knife and cut off the remaining not filled part of the scoop.
That’s it! You can now take a scoop of powder and get a almost perfect amount every time.
It surly won’t be as precise as measuring it with a scale every time but its safes you lots of time and can come in very handy when dealing with the same amount of powder on regular basis.


The scoop is made from black PLA+

-Small (2,65cm³)
-Medium (12,27cm³)
-Big (50,27cm³)

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