Customized Starplates


We offer a wide range of star plates for your personal needs. The diameter of the pins as well as the quality and material of your tool is completely customizable. 

You will find a list of different variations you can choose from down below.


Currently we have two different materials to choose from:

PLA+ which is a hard plastic that can withstand a lot of force without bending or breaking. 
-Aluminium Pins and PLA+ is a hybrid variant to get the best from both worlds. Hard pins made from aluminium in a PLA+ body. This maximises the durability while keeping the coast lower than a full aluminium Starplate.
-Full Aluminium or other metals aren´t an option currently. 

We offer a wide range of sizes and diameters of the pins.
If our current list doesn’t fit your needs feel free to contact us and we will make you a custom one for your demands.

-10mm up to 24 pins
-12mm up to 24 pins
-14mm up to 24 pins
-16mm up to 24 pins
-18mm up to 18 pins
-20mm up to 14 pins
-22mm up to 6 pins
-24mm up to 4 pins

If you don´t set the infill to 100% you need to choose how thick the walls of your starplate should be. The thicker the walls the stronger the tool. A stronger tool is long living and can withstand more stress.

-1.2mm thickness
-1.8mm thickness
-2.4mm thickness

The infill and wall thickness are crucial elements to make your tools stronger and withstand more force without bending or breaking.

-50% infill is enough as long as you have walls that are thick enough and use your tool carefully.
-75% is even better. It makes your tool heavier and stable.
-100% means your tool is completely filled with plastic. It is the highest quality and strongest of all.

We currently have two different colors you can choose from.


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